The Man in the Mirror


Escape from the asylum with help from a demon


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The Man in the Mirror is a very strange role-playing game where you control a patient in an asylum who suffers from acute schizophrenia and is isolated in a padded room.

Everything changes when, thanks to his isolation and psychological issues, he sees a demon. Strangely enough, this demon helps him leave the room and invites him into a demonic dimension. You can use this dimension to access otherwise inaccessible areas of the map.

As you play, you'll have to confront various types of enemies, from your own psychological issues to the psychologists themselves, as well as demons who are upset that you're trespassing in the demonic dimension. To defend yourself, you can use stones, knives, and other makeshift weapons.

The combat system, as in many roguelikes, is turn-based. Every time you hit an enemy, the enemy will have a chance to hit you back.

The Man in the Mirror is a strange roguelike. Instead of focusing solely on the combat system or the stats of the main character, it has a unique story in an interesting world.
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